"Welcome is one of the signs that a community is alive. To invite others to live with us is a sign that we aren’t afraid, that we have a treasure of truth and of peace to share."  Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

Hospitality Vision Statement

Hospitality matters to St. John’s because hospitality matters to Jesus. Even though His own people did not welcome him, Jesus welcomes us and invites us to welcome Him in every person we meet. The hospitality Jesus models not only includes food, clothing, and shelter, but also a recognition of worth and common humanity of all people. A smile as someone walks into St. John’s, the smell of coffee after the worship service, and serving at Claiborne Hughes each reflect how Jesus shared His love with us and calls us to the same.

 Hospitality after the worship service is one of the primary ways we practice welcome. The focus isn't on the food and drink offered but on the welcome extended. Snacks are simple (cookies, doughnuts, coffee). 

We rely on volunteers to provide and serve snacks after church. Because this is a time when we can connect with each other and get to know our visitors, volunteer help is really important. Volunteers include families, friends or individuals.  Feel free to ask Beth if you have any questions about how this works or what is involved!